Eco Tourism - A Costa Rica side with unforgettable discoveries

Published: 11/29/2018 07:59:13
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The environmental commitment of seaZen, specialist in solar navigation, goes beyond the boat tour in Nice. In the pure nautical field, for example, we have already created a Navigation Academy for solar powered boats without a license.

A pioneer of solar navigation, seaZen invites you to travel responsibly
A pioneer of solar navigation, seaZen invites you to travel responsibly

Beyond boating we publish a series of Eco Tourism articles to promote either original destinations or another way of travel that we find relevant.

We select subjects allowing the discovery of the nature in the respect of the environment and the local culture. If you take the step, do not forget to offset the CO2 emitted for your trip!

Fill up on natural discoveries during a stay in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most coveted countries in Central America. Travelers in love with nature find there a paradise. This country is full of many national parks which occupy a large part of the territory. Indeed, this destination has a very attractive biodiversity. Through Manuel Antonio National Park and Isladel Cano you can discover a variety of impressive flora and fauna.

Volcan au Costa Rica

Escape into the fascinating nature of Manuel Antonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the country's must-sees. It is located in the province of Puntarenas on the Pacific coast. It is the ideal setting to get away from it all during a stay in Costa Rica. If you want to reconnect with nature, hiking this hike is an experience to do. To make your visit more informative, you can call on a guide. It will help you explore the different interesting corners of the park.

Hiking in the Manuel Antonio National Park through its jungle trails will immerse you in a green landscape. You will see the beauty of the tropical rainforest composed of rain trees, Ceiba, etc. The wildlife richness of this address is also surprising. This is an opportunity not to be missed to see howler monkeys, monkey monkeys, and the white-headed capuchin. You will also have the pleasure of observing species of birds like the pelican or the sinner-martin who wander in this place. Snakes, iguanas can also cross your path. Going through the coastal cliffs and beaches, you will enjoy a huge view of the sea. The mangroves, beach vegetation such as almond and coconut trees offer a beautiful landscape. All this allows you to live moments of endless discoveries.

Discover the aquatic biodiversity of the Isladel Cano

Discovering the wealth of flora and fauna in Costa Rica is not just limited to its terrestrial environment. Its maritime space is also worth exploring. To take a closer look at the aquatic life of this region, snorkeling in the Isladel Cano Biological Reserve is a must. For this, it is recommended to rely on a professional agency in the matter and to reserve in advance. Indeed, the tourist attraction in question requires some organizations. The number of people who can do this activity at the same time in a given place is limited. To get to this island, you can take a boat from Drake Bay.

The different dive spots on Isladel Cano promise you a breathtaking underwater show. The landscape you will contemplate is characterized by rocks and coral reefs that can measure up to 4.5 m. During this aquatic ride, you will have the opportunity to see dolphins and white tip sharks. You will also have the pleasure to observe manta rays, sea turtles and multicolored fish that live in this site. Note that the clarity of the water allows you to have perfect visibility for underwater photography. As a result, do not miss to take beautiful pictures to immortalize this experience.

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