Solar sailing

What is the autonomy?

The solar boat offers a technical solution using 100% renewable energy. At sea, it brings the security of a return to the port whatever the level of the batteries. Specifically, if you sail only via solar panels, you can return 100% charged batteries. This is why we have never even needed to recharge our batteries since ... June 2016! With ​​solar propulsion, autonomy depends on speed, sunlight and weather. With the Riviera weather conditions, you can usually navigate at a speed of around 4 knots. If you want to go faster, you can tap into the energy reserves stored in the batteries. At anchor, the batteries recharge by themselves. Warning, if you return the battery charge below the contract threshold, we'll have to stop the boat, connect it to the electric grid, and then recharge (thus incurring a cost supplement).

Our sailing programs are designed to allow you to go out near the port of departure. No need to sail at full power to pick up an anchorage away from your starting base. In any case, eco navigation involves your full enjoyment during all stages of your trip.

How do you ensure my security?

  • Our seaworthy boats are classified as "category D 2016" (max 4 Beaufort & 0,5 m waves). Though they were initially designed for "category C year 2015" (max 6 Beaufort & 2 m waves), this evolved to a new "category C 2017" (max 6 Beaufort & 4 m waves).
  • For your comfort and as a precaution, you must return to port if the weather limit of Force 4 is reached in your navigation area. In such a case we refund the remaining rental time.
  • The batteries always remain charged, thanks to the solar panels and the eco navigation concept. The batteries thus conserve a reserve power to enable one to return to port safely in case of unexpected weather change.
  • We maintain a hot line support during opening hours.

What is your eco-navigation commitment?

We push the boundaries of the Eco Navigation "label". In fact, if there was such a label, we could claim the ultimate rank:

Zero CO2 emission*

Zero kW grid consumption

Zero fuel rejection

Zero emmission sound

Zero paper wastage (e-contract & e-inventory)

* According to Torqeedo engine manufacturer:

"A 5 hp gasoline outboard running at full throttle for one hour produces the same amount of NOX and HC emissions as 38.5 new cars driving for an hour at 95 km / h."

Can you help me evaluate my boating level?

We strive for you to gain a safe, though license free navigation experience.

If however, you have a doubt, this is a good sign! This implies that you have the prudence of a wise sailor.

We then suggest that you meet with us, so that we can advice you; otherwise you can pass our free online test.

What if I have not sailed for a long time?

The more experience you have, the longer you can stay without navigating. The fact remains that depending on your level, it is sometimes necessary to take a "refresher course". In this case, it is not necessary to take a full 1 hour course but to come to the boat for a brief hands on experience.

What if I need a skipper?

Depending on your specific need you can either ask for a skipper or go with an experimented sailor friend.

  • A one hour initial practice session is usually enough to grasp the essentials of navigating a solar boat. This accompaniment is required with your first rental whether you have a motor boat licence or previous sailing experience. In other words we have to meet at least one hour before you can sail with a Click & Go access.
  • Our network of sailing or motor boating partners schools can coach you on various yachting practices (separate contract).
  • A professional skipper can also accompany you for your day or 1/2 day at sea (separate contract). This option is mandatory if you expect to be accompanied more than 2 hours.
  • VIP accompaniment : brunch or lunch formulas, served by a host/hostess are so many creative solutions to allow you to sail for a most enjoyable day (separate contract).

Contact us for customized solutions (depending on the availability of our partners).

Before the rental

What are the payment methods accepted by seaZen?

  • Credit cards: Seazen.fr accepts most credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa. For other cards, check their acceptance with our online payment service when booking. Using a credit card is the extent of acceptance of the issuing bank. 

  • Withdrawal cards are not accepted at seaZen.

  • The vouchers are accepted. They must be accompanied by a complementary means of payment by credit card (additional costs are then: supplements, franchise non-waivable).

  • Bank transfert (anticipate a few days processing time plus bank fees in case of international services)

Is there a minimum or maximum age to rent?

Although our boats are unlicensed, we rent for sea trips from 16 years.

What documents should I present to take my boat?

You must present a credit card on behalf of the skipper name plus identity papers.

A GMS number will be asked to contact you at sea.

Shall I go around the boat before leaving?

We recommend you to verify the state of the ship entrusted to you is consistent with the documents submitted with the contract. If you notice any incident not mentioned, please contact us before taking the sea.

During the rental

Is that someone other than me can drive the boat?

From the Insurance point of view, the boat is the responsibility of the skipper.

Of course as a skipper, you may and it's even advisable, ask assistance with your crew!

What will happen if I need assistance?

If you need help, the Hot Line is available during opening hours. The contact number is on your navigation plan. A powered USB plug allow you to charge your smartphone. Please bring your power cable.

What does it show if the boat is controlled by the maritime authorities?

The tenant must provide the security arming elements corresponding to basic 2 miles category and the navigation documentation that is given to you.

Can I change the duration of my current contract hire?

Upon acceptance from seaZen, you can change the length of your lease. You need to contact us. Any extension of the lease is subject to the availability of the ship and changing the amount of rent that will be charged out of contract. An additional payment authorization may be required.

Can I bring a meal or drinks?

Of course ! This boat offers a comfortable cockpit with a table to spend a pleasant moment. Please keep in mind that if there is a guest after you (we have departures every hour) and in case some waves spill the drinks on the deck, the boat needs to come back a few more minutes earlier for a washing with a water hose. It's not a long wash, it just takes a few minutes but you have to finish it before the next customer arrives.

After the rental

What will happen if I bring the ship beyond the scheduled time?

Once the hour of return exceeded the following reservation may be charged to you, especially if we have to charge the batteries. We advise you to provide a return to dock early enough before the end of the lease in order to manoeuver in the harbour with full serenely.

Can I return my ship outside the opening hours?

You can actually return your ship after the closure, especially if you use self-service. However, you must check in advance the conditions of return. The ship will remain your responsibility until the return process is completed by the seaZen team.

Shall I do an inventory before leaving?

It is best to tour the boat and to indicate to seazen team any further damage in relation to the condition of the ship when it was entrusted to you. In case of accident or breakages do not forget to report it using the inventory form. Otherwise, you will be held responsible and will have to pay an increased franchise.