How does it work?

To rent a boat, comfortable for up to 8 persons, is often seen rightly, as reserved for an elite. Even when the price is affordable, the service stays, still, hardly accessible because of the many restrictions it involves. Users highlight difficulties such as the interdiction to sail without a boat license, the remotes not intuitive, and the huge amount of papers to fill... So many elements that discourage more than one. Gladly, we can today speak about an alternative to classic boat rental that really simplifies all this process. Thanks to the seaZen e-navigation platform, take advantage of a quality service 24h/24 with economic fees.

With seaZen Academy, you can rent a boat without license from the Beaulieu-sur-Mer harbor. The Click and Go access, 100% online, reaches your needs. Easy and fast, our solar boat rental concept gathers three services that complement each other:

  1. The boat tour: for one hour, soak up the essence of the Côte d'Azur aboard a solar boat with our skipper
  2. The licence free rental: become familiar with self drive boating and benefit from maximum shore support
  3. The boat club trip: the ultimate solution for self-service access with the benefits of an owner

The rented boat "becomes yours"

Thanks to the simplicity of the self-service and without license boat club, the boat becomes yours for up to 8 persons.

The click & go service. Step 1 book on line Step 2 check inThe click & go access. Step 3 enjoy the pleasure of e-boating. Step 4 check out

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

1. Book online


2. Check-in


3. Soak up the Côte d'Azur from the sea


4. Check out

Return early enough to allow your crew time to land at their pace and safely. If necessary, use the water hose to leave the boat in the condition where you found it.


After each outing, we perform a systematic overall boat check under 24h

3 The license-free academy

With a four levels progression, SeaZen Academy is inspired from e-learning practices. Whether you are a beginner or experimented, we suggest you discover solar sailing at home and aboard seaZen.

You can find online, free and at any time the navigation aids as well as a multiple choice test, such as our level 1 test.