How does it work?

SeaZen offers you a 100% online Click & Go access:

  1. The boat tour: in just one hour soak up the essence of the Côte d'Azur aboard a solar boat
  2. The boat club rental: an easy access self-service and without license
  3. The license-free academy: a practice up to 4 levels

Benefit from a quality service including a 7 days 24 hours access with economic rate.

1 The boat tour "becomes private"

One hour can be enough to soak up the spirit of the Côte d'Azur, and the boat tour become private for up to 6 persons.

Book a sea trip with click & go

1. Get started on your mobile 

I book an accompanied boat tour

3. Soak up the Côte d'Azur while being accompanied with a skipper

2 The rented boat "becomes yours"

An easy access self-service and without license, the boat becomes yours.

The click & go service. Step 1 book on line Step 2 check inThe click & go access. Step 3 enjoy the pleasure of e-boating. Step 4 check out

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

1. Get started on your mobile 

I book a license free boat

2. First trip only schedule to join the boat-clubotherwise you get "your keys" and can check in

I check in online

3. At sea soak up the Côte d'Azur. If needed, use the hot line phone link

4. On return clean the boat, review the online inventory and return the boat clean as you found it
After each outing, we perform a systematic overall boat check under 24h

3 The license-free academy

With 4 levels of progression, the SeaZen Academy is inspired by e-learning practices. We propose you to discover solar sailing from home.

This online practice is free online and paid when accompanied aboard. We offer on line, at any time, our navigation support and tests.

I test my level (free)