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Joining the Boat Club is non-binding and allows you to:

  • sail at your own pace
  • without the disadvantages of ownership
  • while joining the club of solar navigation skippers

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Sail at your own pace

A practice, without commitment or subscription, at your own pace:

  1. A 1-hour practice in order to meet us first and discover solar sailing
  2. A free online test of experience
  3. The preparation of your rental contract
  4. The deductible deposit in advance or last minute
  5. The Click & Go access keys "the boat becomes yours"

All these steps are mandatory in order to benefit from the boat club rental rate with a self service access.

Period of validity and navigation programmes

Begin at level 1 experience after a first 1-hour practice and passing an online test. This level 1 experience remains valid during the first month after the first practice and is renewed 3 months later if you have continued to sail.

The click & go access remains valid as long as you maintain your level 1 sailing experience or have reached a higher level.

As long as you use the boat, you can improve your solar self drive sailing experience up to level 4, and achieve more sailing autonomy. The sailing levels are defined by the seaZen® Academy.

Better than boat ownership

If you are considering buying a boat with a berth, SeaZen offers a quality alternative at a very attractive cost.

Less maintenance hassle

Practicing with a click & go access allows you to navigate solar boats all year round, without ownership hassle and license free.

Less expensive than a marina berth

For example 5 booking, can cost less than € 1000 a year. This is incomparable with high boat ownership costs (annual berthing, maintenance, insurance, fuel and other costs).

Budget case



Berth + maintenance

5 000



5 outings half season



Total / year

5 600


Total freedom

Without commitment, you can even stop everything from the first outing. Could you do it so easily if you owned a boat?

Join the seaZen club

Joining the seaZen club also means having access to the private seaZen group on Facebook, to share your eco navigation skipper experience.

It's also having access to our sponsorship program to share with your loved ones a reduced rate to join us as well.

We are at your disposal for any questions or to arrange together a practice appointment at the Boat Club.